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David Ruffin Remix - 2Hot

David Ruffin (Remix)2Hot
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        Inspired by Lil Durks, "David Ruffin" I wanted to recreate the instrumental from scratch. I did not want to just use virtual instruments for this production though, the goal was to include at least 3 live instruments, Piano, Guitar, and Vocals. The main challenge I faced was replicating the guitar sound, I have never played the guitar a day in my life but utilizing my knowledge in music theory and Pro Tools, I was able to recreate the sound of the guitar by just recording each note one by one in to the DAW and arranging them on a grid. I used a combination of Pro Tools and Logic Pro X in this production and had a lot of fun making it! Below you can listen to my version of David Ruffin!

Making 2Hot's David Ruffin Remix

Making 2Hot's David Ruffin Remix

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